Responsiblity Report 21

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"We are committed to being a responsible business, every day".

1. — and with this commitment comes a first responsibility: to be radically honest. That means we say things as they are, even when they don’t put us in a comfortable spot.

2. However, we know that only stating the truth won’t take us very far. Our first responsibility calls for a second one: to understand. Because we can't solve problems we don't comprehend.

3. Inevitably and without question, our third responsibility is to take pertinent action. For people, the planet and our company. And for the long run.

Our Responsibility Report

For our 2021 Responsibility Report, we’ve chosen to share what we’ve accomplished and what we’re working on, but also where we’re struggling and falling short. To show we’re building on everything we’ve done so far, and taking active steps to drive positive change.

Our Responsibility Hurdles

To be quite blunt, the building blocks of our success to date are also our biggest responsibility hurdles. We’ve called them the ‘elephants in our room’. We’ve outlined them hereafter, but head to our (2021 report) for a thorough deep-dive on what they mean and what we’re doing about them:

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1. The largest elephant in the room. We make a product – and with a product comes a life cycle, which equals impact at each stage.

2. Another big elephant. We’re a brick-and-mortar retailer, with over 80 stores across Europe. That’s electricity, water, gas. Renovations, deconstruction, reconstruction. Materials, transport, and waste.

3. And a third elephantidae. It’s a big one. Our supply chain is spread across the world. This implies that we work with many stakeholders not always within sight, and impact communities near and far.

About Ace & Tate

About Ace & Tate

thoughtfully designed eyewear from €110, including prescription

Ace & Tate design all products — from frames to eye care — in Amsterdam, working with some of the best suppliers in the world. With an overview over the entire supply chain, the eyewear brand is able to offer the best service and products in-house, all at straightforward prices.

we’re working on it

While Ace & Tate isn’t a sustainable company yet, they are committed to finding the smartest, most mindful solutions to create a more planet-friendly product. Innovations in the value chain, retail and within the team all add up to an innovative environmental and social journey. The next goal? To reach net-zero emmisions by 2050.

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