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The latest innovative material for sustainable eyewear is here. Acetate Renew replaces fossil-based materials with certified recycled content. It's currently the best step towards true circularity, with a lower carbon footprint and less non-renewable material than traditional acetate — all while keeping the same look and feel.

Our most sustainable material yet

Acetate Renew is a more sustainable alternative to cellulose acetate. Like conventional acetate, it's made from sustainably sourced wood pulp but is combined with certified recycled plastics instead of fossil fuels. We then combine the cellulose acetate flakes with bio-plasticizers to create the final acetate material.

A new way of recycling

Acetate Renew is made with Eastman's Carbon Renewal Technology. Using a molecular recycling process, they break down hard-to-recycle plastics at the molecular level. This is then combined with sustainably sourced wood pulp to make new acetate of the same quality as the traditional material.

The Acetate Composition

42% cellulose, FSC or PEFC certified chain of custody

28% ISCC PLUS certified recycled content

30% Bio-plasticiser

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About Ace & Tate

About Ace & Tate

thoughtfully designed eyewear from €110, including prescription

Ace & Tate design all products — from frames to eye care — in Amsterdam, working with some of the best suppliers in the world. With an overview over the entire supply chain, the eyewear brand is able to offer the best service and products in-house, all at straightforward prices.

we’re working on it

While Ace & Tate isn’t a sustainable company yet, they are committed to finding the smartest, most mindful solutions to create a more planet-friendly product. Innovations in the value chain, retail and within the team all add up to an innovative environmental and social journey. The next goal? To reach net-zero emmisions by 2050.

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