Our Ski Goggles are here.


With a sleek, minimal design, interchangeable lenses and crystal clear optics, they're all you really need to look good on the slopes — or at Après Ski.

Each style comes with an extra amber - so you're prepared for all weather conditions. An easy click-in system allows you to swiftly swap your lens when the clouds appear

All our lenses offer 100% UV protection, especially important up in the mountains. They're also double layered, meaning they won't fog as easily as single layered lenses.

Our lenses explained:

All three ski goggles work for bright days, but the lens types differs slightly. Here's what you can keep in mind:

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Dolomite: Our Silver mirror lens cuts glare and offer great optics of bright, sunny days.

Piste Black: This lens has no mirror and is best for the brightest of blue bird days. Avoid using this lens in flat light conditions and during night skiing

Swish blue: this Style has a blue mirror lens, also cutting glare. It's a great match for bright light days as well as partly clouded skies.

Amber Lens: Each style comes with an Amber lens, which can easliry switch to in overcast, cloudy and low-light conditions.

About Ace & Tate

About Ace & Tate

thoughtfully designed eyewear from €110, including prescription

Ace & Tate design all products — from frames to eye care — in Amsterdam, working with some of the best suppliers in the world. With an overview over the entire supply chain, the eyewear brand is able to offer the best service and products in-house, all at straightforward prices.

we’re working on it

While Ace & Tate isn’t a sustainable company yet, they are committed to finding the smartest, most mindful solutions to create a more planet-friendly product. Innovations in the value chain, retail and within the team all add up to an innovative environmental and social journey. The next goal? To reach net-zero emmisions by 2050.

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