Ace & Tate launches The Misfits Collection exclusively on Depop

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Dutch eyewear brand Ace & Tate expands its Reframe initiative with The Misfits Collection — a diverse and vibrant crew of sunnies formed from surplus, repurposed acetate created exclusively for Depop.

After launching Reframe in September 2020 – a circular eyewear initiative that refurbishes pre-owned frames and discontinued stock – Ace & Tate continued on their mission to reduce waste in their supply chain through innovative design solutions. The Misfits Collection reimagines cult favourites by reconstructing them from surplus components, and reconceptualizing them into three limited-edition colourways:


Dazzling with such an infectious personality, Heather is here to make heads turn. Exclusively here in a new colourway, Spotty Confetti Groove, she’s the perfect frame for when getting down on the town.


His round edges have been known to boast a groovy, retro-inspired style. Meet Colin in his new skin, Sage Amazon Monsoon — this new earthy, high-energy colourway screams “King of the Jungle.” 


Capri is commonly known as the beauty of the nouvelle vague. Her classic lines have been complimented with a new colourway, Bondi Desert Rain — an unstoppable combination of blues, golds, and purples that’ll cause a stir wherever they pop in.

With a community of more than 30 millions users worldwide, 90% of whom are Gen Z, Depop offers Ace & Tate a platform to connect with a new generation of engaged, style savvy and environmentally conscious consumers. The Misfits Collection will be available exclusively via the Ace & Tate Depop shop from Monday 14th June. 

“As we continue to explore ways to produce a completely circular pair of frames, we’re taking opportunities to look at innovative design solutions that reduce waste. We love the sense of community on Depop and believe it is the perfect place to showcase new ideas, gain feedback and connect with our audience on a more personal level,” said Ruud de Bruin, Creative Director at Ace & Tate. 

"Ace & Tate is the type of brand partner we love to work with at Depop: they're committed to innovation in their sustainability plans, they make high-quality product that is also fun to wear, and they are actively engaged with the Depop community via their Reframe by Ace & Tate shop in-app. I'm so excited to get this Misfits Collection out into the world," said Steve Dool, Global Head of Brand Partnerships, Depop.

Editors Notes: 

About Reframe 

With Reframe, you can shop quality eyewear, at a lower environmental cost. It’s one of the steps on our journey to becoming a more responsible company.

Reframe works in two steps — first, we collect your worn Ace & Tate frames, refurbish and polish them up so they’re ready for a second life. Then, we resell the refurbished eyewear on our Depop store @reframebyaceandtate

About Depop 

Depop is the community-powered fashion marketplace to buy and sell unique fashion, with over 30 million registered users in more than 150 countries. Depop is a place for anyone to discover and celebrate their style on their own terms, and to feel good about their fashion choices by extending the lives of millions of garments. The company is headquartered in London, with offices in Manchester, New York, Los Angeles and Sydney, with over 350 employees dedicated to its mission of building the world’s most diverse progressive home of fashion, that’s kinder on the planet and kinder to people. For more information about Depop, visit and download the app on iOS or Android. Follow @Depop on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and Twitter.

About Ace & Tate

About Ace & Tate

thoughtfully designed eyewear from €110, including prescription

Ace & Tate design all products — from frames to eye care — in Amsterdam, working with some of the best suppliers in the world. With an overview over the entire supply chain, the eyewear brand is able to offer the best service and products in-house, all at straightforward prices.

we’re working on it

While Ace & Tate isn’t a sustainable company yet, they are committed to finding the smartest, most mindful solutions to create a more planet-friendly product. Innovations in the value chain, retail and within the team all add up to an innovative environmental and social journey. The next goal? To reach net-zero emmisions by 2050.

join the community and get inspired @aceandtate

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