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Ace & Tate x Vaayu

Today, we’re proud to announce our latest partnership with Vaayu. We use Vaayu’s proprietary carbon modelling engine to shared granular product life cycle assessments for several of our iconic frames, analyzing the potential global warming impact from materials to product and shipping.

With this ongoing partnership Vaayu provides automated and accurate emissions data from across our supply chain, powering our team to make impactful carbon-cutting decisions across our business and continue to credibly communicate our goals to customers.

Following the launch of our 2021 responsibility report, we have announced a long-term goal to reach net zero by 2050, with a short-term goal to decrease total supply chain CO2 emissions by 15% by 2025.

“Our responsibility journey started in 2017 when we realised every frame produced, every product shipped and happy customer comes at an environmental cost,” says Femme van Gils, Sustainability Manager at Ace & Tate. “As part of this process, we realized we would need to work proactively regarding the environmental impact of our business, instead of reporting reactively. This meant we needed access to real-time data in order to set ambitious and realistic targets. Vaayu’s automated technology offers us a level of granularity we haven’t been able to achieve before - keeping us sharp and helping us steer reductions.”

“Transparency has always been a part of our DNA,” says Mark de Lange, CEO at Ace & Tate. “Since then we have been constantly improving and are openly committed to finding the smartest solutions - which led us to Vaayu. As we continue to grow over these next five years, we want to keep sustainability at the core of what we do.”

“Vaayu’s world-first technology makes it possible for retailers to shift their focus onto actively reducing carbon and focusing less on calculating emissions in the past,” says Namrata Sandhu, CEO at Co-founder at Vaayu. “At the end of the day, the challenges our planet face are too big to solve on our own so we’re proud to be working with Ace & Tate to help in a shared mission of decarbonizing retail.”

Ace & Tate x Vayuu

About Ace & Tate

About Ace & Tate

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Ace & Tate design all products — from frames to eye care — in Amsterdam, working with some of the best suppliers in the world. With an overview over the entire supply chain, the eyewear brand is able to offer the best service and products in-house, all at straightforward prices.

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While Ace & Tate isn’t a sustainable company yet, they are committed to finding the smartest, most mindful solutions to create a more planet-friendly product. Innovations in the value chain, retail and within the team all add up to an innovative environmental and social journey. The next goal? To reach net-zero emmisions by 2050.

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